This is a highly achieved piece from a talented cast and playwright that should go on to bigger theatres and larger audiences.  

Broadway Baby 4*s 


Dead plunges into the uglier truths of misguided desire with a compelling drama unseen since Closer.

Erotic Review


First-rate lines and Elliston make(s) Ibsen's work and themes accessible to the masses.

The Stage 


"The very day I come back from the metaphorical dead, I'm greeted by the real thing!"


An adaptation of Ibsen's last play, "When We Dead Awaken".


Freely adapated and set in current day Dublin, Arnold Rubek becomes noted Irish artist, Pauric Fermoy, infamous for his iconic critique on the Republic through his portrait of the "Virgin Vagina". 


Originally, this was to be an exploration of 'where art meets theatre' but it became a dramatic conversation between artist and spurned muse with frequent trivial interuptions as the world outside intervened.


Presented at the 2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, produced by S&M Promotions and directed by David Verrey, at 90 minutes it was a hard sell for an audience more attuned to soundbyte theatre, hectic schedules and a comedy circuit to plunder.


Nevertheless, we were rewarded by mostly very warm audience receptions and several favourable reviews.  It is my intention, at some point, to revisit DEAD, distill it, refine it and perfect it into a more pallatable 60 minute framework.



Pauric Fermoy - Fintan McKeown/David Verrey

Adele Fermoy - Sophie Austin

Dierdre - Mary Ryder

Fergus - Michael Power

The Curator - Jack Cassidy