Get Your Book Written - Booksmith

Since 2003 we’ve been helping busy entrepreneurs write and publish non-fiction books to share their big ideas, raise their profile and build their businesses. If you’re a busy entrepreneur, if writing is not your thing or English not your first language, but you have a message you’d like to have written and published in a professional book, we can help.

Save Time

Rather than devote at least 60 hours of your valuable time to writing your book, outsource the writing so you can continue to drive your business or career forwards. Projects typically require 12 hours of our clients’ time to deliver content.


Remain The Authority

Unlike ghost writing, where somebody does all of the research and work for you based on your outline, our approach ensures the valuable knowledge in your head is captured and turned into a beautiful book.


Save Money

If you’re bringing in income doing what you excel at, then taking your eye off the ball could lose you money in terms of lost opportunity and lost productivity. A book is important, so get it handled by a professional writer.