A twinkle and Timberlake Wertenbaker

Posted on 4th April, 2015

I've missed a week but am guessing I haven’t been missed.


But I do have news! I caught up with the lovely and wonderfully talented Timberlake Wertenbaker who has very kindly agreed to be my “script buddy” on the project. Which basically means, Timberlake will feedback to me her insights and opinions on the script (in performance at the rehearsed reading taking place next month). But what struck me most after my meeting is that I should practice what I preach to other playwrights – just get on with it! I am my own worst critic and self-censor sometimes at too an early stage. Whilst this has some advantages (I’m too much of a perfectionist) it can also hold the process up, resulting in a stall. Which is where I had unexpectedly reached. But Timberlake dispensed her good advice, encouraged me with that shy smile of hers and passed the twinkle from her eye into mine. And I left as if walking on air!  It sounds silly. It’s not about seeking approval from someone so illustrious – it was about giving myself permission to breathe. 


As I've just started my first mentoring role with the salon:lab with two lovely young playwrights (and alongside my wickedly sagacious director, Dominic Kelly) I really, really hope that with that twinkle, I pay it forward.   And breathe.



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